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AEM Electronics Wideband Air/Fuel UEGO Gauge

AEM Electronics Wideband Air/Fuel UEGO Gauge

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AEM wideband UEGO air/fuel ratio gauge kits unite unsurpassed accuracy, speed and control with an easy to read, digital interface. They are able to be used with virtually any engine management system, such as the AEM EMS or FIC. The kits feature a Bosch sensor with an accuracy of .1 AFR, making it among the fastest and most accurate widebands available. AEM Electronics digital wideband air/fuel UEGO kits' bright LED display shows A/F ratio in .1 increments, and the sweeping LED "needle" lines the edge and changes color as air/fuel ratio changes from rich to lean. The digital UEGO's come with both silver and black bezels and white and black faceplates that are easily interchangeable.

Gauge Size (in): 2 1/16 in. diameter

Gauge Face Color: Black/White

Gauge Number Color: Red

Bezel Finish: Black/Silver

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