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Clear Impressions Large Deep Bowl

Clear Impressions Large Deep Bowl

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The 4.3 L Clear Impressions Large Deep Serving Bowl is a versatile solution for serving large salads, meats, and sandwiches. With its liquid-tight seal, spills are prevented even when tilted, and the seal is conveniently interchangeable with the 2.5 L bowl. These stackable bowls feature user-friendly seals that securely close and open, making them perfect for everyday use.


  • Handy and versatile outdoor range with a modern design.
  • Outdoor Dining Collection includes various table-top elements for attractive and practical use indoors and outdoors.
  • Modular serving collection consisting of bowls, plates, cutlery, pitcher, tumblers, etc.
  • Space-saving and stackable items, with translucent windows for visual appeal.
  • Lightweight and dishwasher safe.


Capacity 18 cup / 4.3 L.
Height 6.06 in / 15.4 cm
Diameter 9.96 in / 25.3 cm
Color Jet Black


  • To seal the bowl simply press the seal onto the bowl towards one of the lips with your thumbs, pressing down firmly all around as with the classic Tupperware seal.
  • Push the air out with the Tupperware “burp”.
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