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Jerky Sticks

Jerky Dog Treats - Made In USA Only - Choose From Beef, Chicken or Turkey

Jerky Dog Treats - Made In USA Only - Choose From Beef, Chicken or Turkey

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Rocco & Roxie's premium Jerky Sticks are the perfect healthy treat for your dog if you want only the best in your pup's tummy. We get it - dogs are family. When it comes to family, only the best goes, right? That's why, as soon as you receive your package of these Jerky Sticks, we want you to open it up... and just smell them. Feel them. You'll be amazed at the great depth of the flavor and the meaty, natural texture. And you'll immediately know your best friend will LOVE these treats. These treats are safe, too. We never add wheat, corn, soy or gluten fillers, all of which are bad for dogs. Just lots and lots of meaty goodness, coming from pure good ol' American farms. What's the secret? A family recipe, tested and perfected over time. The first and main ingredient is high quality All-American Beef, Chicken, or Turkey (no overseas meat whatsoever!). These premium treats have a great, natural and soft texture dogs love... even the fussiest dog ever will gobble these up and ask for more! Reach in for a stick and tear off a piece. See how pliant and soft it is? That’s the chewy, meaty texture dogs love—the result of 10 hours of slow smoking, working in small batches.

Our treats work just right for training, too. No matter your training goals - agility, obedience, conformation, you name it - these treats will help you get there with a lot less effort. Your hands won't stink and your pockets won't be ruined, either. These treats feel and smell like a delicious piece of beef jerky and they don't leave that sticky residue some other brands are "famous" for. Bottom line is... these premium treats are safe, healthy, low calorie, high protein snacks that your dog will love - GUARANTEED.

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