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Simple Lawn Solutions

Organic Solutions Bundle - OMRI Certified

Organic Solutions Bundle - OMRI Certified

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Our OMRI Certified Bundle provides a large selection of soil amendments and micronutrients for lawns, gardens, flowers, shrubs, trees, and houseplants, certified for organic use.

Included in Bundle:

  • Micro Booster
  • Root Hume
  • Soil Hume
  • Sea Hume
  • Root Hume

Whether you are looking to maintain your lawn or garden, correct nutrient deficiencies, or you are starting completely from scratch, our customer care team and products have you covered! Contact our team for a custom lawn plan tailored to your lawn’s needs!

  • The OMRI Certified Bundle contains Micro Booster, Soil Hume, Root Hume, and Sea Hume
  • Certified for organic gardening (OMRI)
  • Humic acid promotes micronutrient uptake
  • Seaweed for plant hardiness and resilience
  • Micronutrients for essential plant functions
  • Can be used for lawns, gardens, and indoor plants
  • Humic acid promotes micronutrient uptake and is derived from the highest-quality, humate source
  • Can be used on any grass type
  • Unique, proprietary formulas 
  • Proudly made in the USA

For best results, water the lawn for 20 minutes within 24 hours of application. Water is essential for maintaining your lawn, and your lawn should receive 1-2 inches of water per week. Nutrients will not treat a lawn that is suffering from disease, pests, weed infestations, or drought, and these conditions should be treated separately.


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